Residents' Listing

This is an alphabetical listing of people who could be determined to have resided in the town of Gleeson, Arizona, since 1880. Information was obtained from the following sources: Newspaper articles, Federal Census reports, birth certificates, death certificates, post-office-box lists, and business directories.

Business Directories

Business directories were the turn-of-the-century equivalent to the Yellow Pages. Telephones were not common in places like Gleeson, and only a very few could afford them. Instead, businesses would be listed in the Business Directory, which were organized by city or town and distributed nationally. Not all businesses were included, as you had to pay to have your business listed. Addresses were not given, generally even in larger towns. The owner (or proprietor) of the business, however was usually listed.

Court Dockets

Court dockets were large bound volumes of hand-written court records. Some weeks or months after a court case was closed, the Justice of the Peace would write out, by hand, a summary of each case with its associated list of names: defendants, accusers, court officers, judge, witnesses, translators, and jurors. Also included are the results of the case, including any fines or other consequences. Two of the three docket volumes for the Gleeson Justice-of-the-Peace were located and photographed, giving a glimpse into the everyday running of the court, including both civil cases (boundary disputes, debts, etc.) and criminal cases. A listing of the names appearing in each case has been painstakingly created, so that genealogists may search through those pages for the names of any relatives who are mentioned on the docket pages.

Cemetery Listings

You can click above to obtain the names of people who have been determined to be buried in the Gleeson cemetery. These listings are not complete, but have been obtained (and are updated) from tombstones, death certificates, obituaries, newspaper stories, and personal testimony. A map showing the location of every known grave is also available here.